Social Media Analytics

Gain Knowledge about markets, customers and competition based on Social Media Analytics

Turn the “Big Data” into actions across the company.

We need to convert social media information about us and our environment into strategies and customer-centric tactics which will add value to our company.

  • There are 500 million tweets daily
  • 50% Facebook users check it daily, there are more than 1 billion users worldwide.
  • Today’s “Empowered Consumers” challenge traditional business models, with 78% of customers trusting peer recommendation, 86% using multiple channels and 75% who do not believe companies tell the truth in ads.

How can we transform comments into knowledge?

With LuceCEM SMA we can identify behavioral patterns and trends, analyze the engagement with your brand or your competence. Social Media Analytics will allow you to transform attitudes and opinions shared by people on social media in sentiment of brand. Use the data to anticipate customer needs and give them the right information or proceed with the right action.

Personalize your campaigns to emphasize the content that resonates best with your audience.

SMA collects and gives structure to information through the extraction of SNIPPETS.
SMA identifies the key word on the web (Concepts), gives interest terms (Hot-words) direct relation to Concepts or key words and indicates the origin of the information extracted (Document Type)
SMA values the opinion of the generated information based on a pre-established dictionary.
SMA allows us to make a full business analysis, providing information about consumers, opinions, competitors and trends related to the products, sector or brand.

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