Improve customer experience on all devices

Do you still design your mobile app strategy two years ahead?

Today the only constant is change: the technology, client expectations and the way they behave in the environment changes in a matter of months.

How can we know what the right path is? How can we make our organization gain speed?

With LuceCEM you will be able to anticipate and detect in real time behavioral changes and new needs of your clients based on data. LuceCEM monitors user experience of the users on their terminal and the behavioral trends in real time.


Transform all users do in a big lab, discovering new experience demands and behavioral pattern changes.

With LuceCEM is possible to calculate in real time the affected costumers and the amount each behavior, experience or need is costing the company. That knowledge allows to make agile decisions and accelerate digital transformation.

By incorporating LuceCEM Digital Engagement we create differential experiences which gives answers to costumer’s ever-changing needs.

Vídeos & Demos

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