Intelligent Email

What is the large difference between intelligent mailing and email marketing or campaign management tool?

The ability to engage customers on two or more channels, lead scoring features, and integration with CRM.


LuceCEM can help you to achieve these goals, and streamline a number of time-consuming tasks including:

  • website, landing page, and forms development
  • email marketing campaign execution
  • capturing, scoring, and nurturing leads
  • tracking website visitors; integrating multichannel campaigns
  • and analyzing and reporting results.

LuceCEM Digital engagement focuses on the following areas:

Marketing Database

Collect comprehensive customer data and create a single customer identity.

Universal Behaviors

Capture customer and prospect behaviors to easily integrate into highly individualized campaigns.

Interaction Engine

Understand and act on buyer behaviors through automating individualized interactions.

Multichannel & Right Time

Deliver communications through the right channel at the right time.

Vídeos & Demos

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