Digital Concierge

Not another opportunity lost

Maximizing channel conversion is as important as getting traffic. The key to transform visitors into clients is improving engagement.

How can we improve engagement?

With LuceCEM+Moxie, a simple, rules based interface to manage chat, product information and e-mail, we can act both reactively and proactively in real time to respond to customer’s needs in a dynamic and personalized way.


Deliver contextually relevant information from a powerful database.


Email Management

Allow visitors to send messages an ask questions via email messaging.

Email Management

Live Chat

Guide customers while they browse your website, get an in-store level of service.

Live Chat

LuceCEM+Moxie provides a way to anticipate what customers’ need, connect with them in real time and improve customer engagement. The way to achieve this is through automated, contextual and real time customer engagement across digital channels. The digital concierge will support sales and help with conversion goals.

Transform the customer experience with personalized engagements; anticipate what your customer wants to do and engage them in the appropriate way, providing guidance and assistance through their customer journey.


Through a combination of web technology, big data and predictive analysis assist customers through the different stages of the process: research, purchase and support. Increase customer satisfaction and retention whilst reducing costs to serve.

Give customers relevant information that will lead them to conversion by identifying their needs and the proper response for each individual. Take advantage of LuceCEM+Moxie mobile platform integration with highly automated ‘anytime-anywhere’ access to personalized sales support.
The idea of a digital concierge appears from the need to give “in-person” benefits to customers on all stages of the journey, therefore preventing abandonment in the customers’ online experience. Being able to browse, check information or use the chat at the same time will prevent abandonment by improving the customer experience.

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