Customer Experience Analytics

Unlock the power of qualitative analytics to understand and improve your customers’ experience


Transform your customers’ behaviour into actionable insights

  • Identify and optimize your key purchase drivers
  • Study and analyse your traffic sources and prospects behaviour of each one
  • Investigate and identify bots patterns and actions
  • Detect fraudulent transactions and prevent attacks
  • Give real-time vision to your Enterprise Application Ecosystem (connectors for CRM, BI, VoC, A/B Testing, Personalization tools, etc.)

Create a unified customer experience approach

Proven effectiveness: More than 500 Enterprise Customers are using LuceCEM Engine (30% of Fortune 100) with these results

  • Increase web and mobile conversion rates
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduce IT and support costs
  • Improve customer service efficiency


See Your Digital Channels Through the Eyes of Your Customers

Optimize your customer’s online & mobile experience

  • Discover “why” customers succeed or fail
  • Understand the root cause of problems without having to update or re-launch services
  • Quickly diagnose and resolve customer struggles, obstacles or issues
  • Quantify the business impact of any given issue for more effective prioritization
  • Access real-time Customer Experience analytics to engage discovery and web site optimization efforts
  • Drill down into actual user behavior, complete with gestures/interactions
  • Improve online self service capabilities reducing calls handled by (more expensive) call centers

Optimize your digital channel

  • Identify your key website drivers of customer purchase
  • Study, measure and compare your partners & affiliates performance
  • Gain a broader vision over your bot traffic to optimize your SEO efforts
  • Monitor your payment gateway SLA in real time
  • Improve your testing and development efforts of new features
  • Investigate and identify bots patterns and actions
  • Detect fraudulent transactions and prevent attacks

How it Works

  • Capture your customer’s experience and their context
  • Analyze your data, even in real-time and setup alerts to help you monitor specific behavior patterns
  • Investigate & quantify the impact of unknown issues
  • Make you findings actionable, connecting luceCEM to your Enterprise systems and procedures

Start boosting your customer experience optimization today

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