Boosting your Customer Experience Optimization

Improve customer experience in all the steps of the digital journey

LuceCEM provides solutions for all the aspects of the digital journey which will improve customer satisfaction. A better digital experience means better conversion rates by proactively addressing your customer’s needs.


Mobile is a fundamental part of the Customer Journey, with purchases from mobile devices accounting for more than 50% of ecommerce traffic.

Provide a seamless mobile experience for your customers and analyze the different struggles they might encounter in order to improve their experience and conversion rates.

Digital Engagement

Discover the way customer interact with your brand. Take the right actions, which will guide users through their customer journey and lead them to conversion. Personalize customer engagement to deliver a better experience.

Digital Concierge

Provide assistance to customers by giving them the most relevant information for their needs while maintaining them on the customer journey. 

Intelligent Email

Use customer behavior to create identities to personalize the content send in order to increase engagemen

Customer Experience Analytics

Use qualitative analytics to better understand the Customer Journey. Identify struggles and key purchase drivers to optimize the customer experience. See improvements on Conversion Rates and Customer Satisfaction while reducing IT cost and providing a better Customer Service.

Social Media Analytics

Learn about customers, markets and competition turning Social Media’s Big Data into actions, decisions and engagements. Deliver a more personalized experience based on the behavior of your customers by providing them with the content which interest them more.

Start boosting your customer experience optimization today

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