LuceIT Receives the ISO/IEC 15504 Certification.

Luce managed to certify its solution development model software according to the ISO/IEC 15504 Standard, which certifies the level of maturity of the processes used to undertake projects. This means the model developed by Luce to execute projects is mature, efficient and measurable, with the purpose of offering a better service and certification for our customers.

The integrated management system is also certified according to the ISO 27001 (Information Security) and the ISO 9001 (Quality). In addition, the SCRUM methodology is used to make developments. Incorporating the ISO 15504 not only means further evidence of quality projects in which all the security requirements of the most critical environments are taken into account, like banking or aerospace, but also are projects carried out according to a model which guaranties all the requirements and needs are going to be met.

ISO 15504 is an International Standard which stablishes and improves software acquisition, supply, development, evolution and support. The Standard relies on the International Standard ISO/IEC 12207, which describes in detail the processes common to software engineering.

The achievement of the results expected by the processes described in the Standard 12207 and the maturity level stablished by the ISO 15504 Standard is what has made Luce successfully overcome the certification process.

Obtaining this certification would not have been possible without a human team fully involved in achieving excellence in the projects they undertake. A team whose main goal is the realization of projects with constant improvement, which more than meets customer’s expectations.