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Optimizing Customer Experience since 2008

LuceCEM helps companies improve their customer experience throughout the digital journey by providing relevant engagements based on customer behavior.

LuceCEM provides solutions which offer ways to better understand customers, their needs and their struggles, with real time data of their journey. The information allows companies to engage customers the right ways, providing better customer value and increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Some of the most relevant companies from retail, banking and travel trust LuceCEM to optimize their customer experience, therefore improving conversion rates and revenue.


The three biggest ecommerce of the Spanish retail industry have chosen LuceCEM to improve their Customer Experience.

Market Leaders

Founded in 2008 in Valladolid, LuceCEM has expanded by working with international companies which are reshaping the digital market, especially on the retail industry. Through LuceCEM various products, Mobile, Digital Engagement, Customer Experience Analytics, Social Media Analytics and Intelligent Decisioning, companies are seeing an increase on conversion rates, customer satisfaction and revenue.

Cloud Services

LuceCEM customizes deployment according to customer needs, but always maintaining high security though state of the art systems.

Innovation centric

LuceCEM is form by a multi-talented team which is always learning about the newest and best ways to improve Customer Experience.

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