What luceCEM can do for your company

LuceCEM assistance

LuceCEM Personalised Deployment and basic training

luce cem - what can we do for youCustomer Experience Acceleration Program

  • Specific training to optimise your team’s learning curve and adoption time
  • Optimise the value of your deployment on an ongoing basis

LuceCEM Tech&Biz Support:

  • Audit & Maintenance of Architecture and Security
  • Hotline for Business & Analytics Customers

Customer Experience Tailored Programs

  • Best Practices training
  • Advanced Business Impact Analysis to achieve specific goals: increasing sales, reducing churn, improving customer satisfaction, and deepening loyalty


iLAB is a space where LuceCEM experts develop demos for customer experience and test new digital solutions. Based on the identification of clients and the way to improve their customer experience through the journey. The knowledge obtained from iLAB will translate in better conversion rates for companies and better information for decision making. iLAB focuses on multidisciplinary teamwork and developing solutions with state of the art technology, providing visibility and real time data of the journey.

The key of LuceCEM’s success is a Team with digital experience in some of the most important companies in the world, like Coca-Cola, Phillips, Symantec, and who can simplify the process to find the optimal solution.


LuceCEM uses Design Thinking Methodology to develop innovative processes with a customer-centric approach. Empathizing, Defining, Researching, Devising, Prototyping and Testing are the pillars of the Methodology which aims to spark innovation.

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